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You toil and sweat and work on creating art and then one day, you look down at your studio painting table and Voila. There it is.

The tabletop is filled with paint that's dripped on it over the weeks and months and years and the image you see is more interesting and beautiful than anything else you've created.


And so every few months, I will feature a new painting that appears on my desk. Like zen monks who create art and then a moment later, destroy it, each of these pieces will only be available as prints since they're on a freaking tabletop... (That is unless you want to come to the studio and buy the desk.)

This month's feature is a VALENTINE'S DAY PRINT that includes hearts that I finger-painted on the tabletop.

Keep coming back to see more found art desk images. Thanks.

My infamous studio desk below...

and the desktop a few months ago...

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