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 Richard Krevolin Bio

Richard Krevolin is an award-winning Artist, screenwriter, author, playwright, and professor hailing from New Haven, CT.

Krevolin's art attempts to bring beauty and color into the world. His works have been exhibited in private collections all over the world and at the Saatchi Other Art Fair and the Bombay Artisan Series in Los Angeles, CA.

A graduate of Yale University, Richard also has a masters degree from UCLA and another from USC. He wrote, directed and produced the PBS documentary, Making Light in Terezin. He has had plays produced around the world and recently co-wrote and directed a feature length comedy, ATTACHMENTS, starring Academy Award nominated actress, Katharine Ross. Richard also conducts private

Richard started his career as a visual artist later in life. In fact, it was not until his 50th birthday that he picked up a paint brush, but he has not stopped painting ever since. Since he started painting, his days are now suffused with shimmering light and at night, he dreams in colors.   


For more info, contact him at

More of his art can be found at

“The purpose of art is washing the dust off the daily life of our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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