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Found Art, or How I made one of my Favorite Paintings Without Really Trying.

So, I have this table, see. And I have been painting on it for a few years now and it;s covered in all different color paint splatters and I never really noticed it... Just a paint covered tabletop. Ordinary. Prosaic. Who cares?

Then, last week, I look down at the tabletop and I see this:

And I gasped. I was blown away by the image. Found art appeared magically on my studio tabletop. And how did that perfect purple heart get there? There was a fully realized abstract work on my table that I didn't do... Or at least, I didn't consciously create. Had the Gods of art worked through me to create this masterpiece? And how could it be that out of nowhere this magical heart appeared?

Hmmm... It seemed supernatural. Surreal. Beyond possible. Maybe it was a message of love from the beyond...

For a week, I was convinced the Gods of painting had used me as a vessel for their message of love...

And then, my girlfriend told me that last week, she saw a small puddle of purple on the table and when I wasn't looking, she fingerpainted it into a heart.

Mystery solved.

However, either way you look at it, love still triumphs in the art world.

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